Photography from P&O shoot

Content creation with military precision

The P&O Cruises team stormed January with a blockbuster shoot in the Caribbean. The warm sunshine, blue skies and relaxed local vibe offered the perfect backdrop for filming. However, the shoot’s success came down to some serious military planning.

Over seven days and nights, our six-man crew of specialist photographers and filmmakers visited five islands, working 14-hour days on ship and on shore. Our mission? To provide P&O Cruises social, brand and marketing teams with six months’ worth of video, timelapse and stills content.

Pre-shoot planning was key. Firstly, we identified immediate social media and brand priorities (to deliver live from ship) and longer-term objectives. We then took in requests from other P&O Cruises departments – from food and beverages and shore excursions to CRM and in-flight comms – to create a wider content wish list.

The next step was to work with our fixer on ship. For our 60-second stories (a series of five videos focusing on crew members) we provided treatments and questions, and identified the best subjects in advance. For food set ups, chefs and restaurant managers were briefed on what we’d need. For on-shore filming, we got insider info on the best excursions, viewpoints and beaches.

For the timelapse photography – a first for P&O Cruises – we needed access to restricted areas and to know the exact timings, precise ship co-ordinates and orientation for approaches to and departures from ports of call, plus sunrise and sunset times in each location.


With so much to capture on a busy ship, we created a detailed shoot planner, broken down hour-by-hour with subject and location details.

On ship, a 07.00hrs daily roll call over breakfast gave the three teams the final opportunity to check the day’s objectives and tweak plans where necessary.

But our obsessive planning paid off. With a haul of five in-flight video shorts, six shore excursion videos, 43 timelapse videos and a shortlist of 526 stills for social and brand, we’re still busy in post production.

Content is rolling out on P&O Cruises Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with much more to come. Please take a look at what we’ve been up to and let a little Caribbean sun brighten up your day.

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