GIF of Savils Impact magazine spreads

Exploring the future of global real estate

How are new generations changing the demand for real estate? What new technologies will influence property and the cities we live in? Most importantly, just how rich was Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy?

Impacts, a new multichannel content programme developed for leading global real-estate services provider Savills, probes these issues with intelligence, authority and independence. It positions Savills as a leader and is an innovative resource for invaluable global real-estate thought and comment.

The audience is a demanding, media-savvy readership, so we created a forum that discusses prominent global real-estate issues and allows the breadth of Savills’ expertise to shine through.

The content programme consists of a website, social posts for LinkedIn and Twitter, and an email campaign, along with an annual print magazine. It delivers a collection of real-estate stories that the readership can’t find anywhere else.

We worked closely with the Savills World Research team as well as writers, analysts and thought leaders from the worlds of property, urban studies, architecture, technology, geopolitics and more, to debate the trends impacting the various residential, commercial, rural and development sectors.

The feature line-up includes a stimulating mix of interviews with outspoken opinion formers, topical debates, and infographics that explore issues such as why the physical world still has an intimate relationship to land values and which cities will thrive in the future. All wrapped in bold layouts with concept-driven designs, illustrations and photography.

Regular online features by Savills experts will be posted throughout the year, and promoted by email and social posts.

The content was also adapted for a global launch event at the London headquarters of Savills, where a guest panel discussed some of the key themes featured.

There’s been an impressive response to the programme so far. Savills global affiliates are using the stories daily, social posts have achieved good reach and engagement, and the content has gained extensive positive PR – more than 20 individual pieces of international coverage to date from as far afield as the US and China, to a front-page article in the FT Weekend’s ‘House and Home’ section.

So, how wealthy was Fitzwilliam Darcy? Click here to find out.