Risky business? Not really…

Disrupted supply chains, PR disasters and stock price crashes… these are the things of C-suite and boardroom nightmares: the big risks that hang over any large business, and that could strike at any time.

But at the same time, if you don’t take risks – like switching to a new business model, adopting a new technology, or finding innovative ways to disrupt the market before your rivals do – you face an even bigger risk: becoming irrelevant, losing market share and going out of business.

All too often in business, the focus is on the bad side of risk, with not enough emphasis on its critical role as the starting point for success.

With the relaunch of their Risk Consulting service, KPMG wanted to change that perception, creating a new kind of conversation around the subject – and that’s where we came in, as creative agency partner for a brand new content campaign called Rethinking Risk.

The campaign covers a wide range of areas within the risk landscape – such as regulation, cyber risk, fraud protection and strategic risk – using specialist journalists in collaboration with KPMG’s impressive line-up of internal experts to weave an exciting set of narratives on how risk is not quite the bogeyman that people think it is.

At the heart of this is our showpiece animated video, a hero asset that brings the ‘Rethinking Risk’ proposition to life, and acts as a gateway to the rest of the content campaign. Scripted by Sunday’s own internal creative team and developed in partnership with motion graphics specialists Swhype, the video tells the story of business risk in a new way, and we hope changes the way that the audience thinks about the subject.