That festive feeling

Our Food to Order guide and Christmas Catalogue for Morrisons are now in stores across the UK.

The challenge this year was to emphasise Morrisons’ expertise and attention to detail, highlighting the fact that the supermarket prepares a great quantity of its own fresh food. We were tasked with bringing alive the brand proposition and above-the-line tagline: Morrisons Makes it.

The catalogue included warm, in-situ portraits of Morrisons experts, including a butcher, fishmonger and wine and Cake Shop specialists. Editorial snippets highlighted hero products, such as turkey prepared with a choice of stuffing and bacon, meringues piped by hand with fresh cream, and buttery panettone baked from scratch.

In both publications the food photography was stepped up from previous years, with improved styling and more texture and layers making the food really inviting to eat. A new treatment was developed to showcase The Best, Morrisons’ most indulgent food and drink products. This range was given a distinct, premium look and feel with the use of soft lighting, slate, cool greys and minimal propping, allowing the food to shine.

The only downside? Shooting all that delicious food has left us permanently hungry. Roll on, roast turkey and all the trimmings!