Print and digital content for owners of cats, dogs and other small animals

Brief   To inspire loyalty in more than half a million Petplan customers by giving them valuable advice and sharing the joys of pet ownership with them

Solution   Petplan multichannel content achieves standout results in an arena saturated with LOL cats by placing the emphasis on preventative healthcare and knowledge. Our challenge is to convey useful advice in an accessible and inventive way; we seek and harness the expertise of vets, behaviourists, nutritionists and charities in order to transfer a vast amount of practical advice with conviction and authority. The brand becomes a supportive presence, providing customers with tangible value beyond the cost of a claim. ‘Vetty’ subject matter is painstakingly transformed into accessible and engaging content, which is amplified across multiple channels. At the helm of a comprehensive programme of content sits PetPeople magazine, a biannual publication full of insights, advice and investigative articles. Quarterly ecomms, printed guides and informative and entertaining online content – from interactive health profiles of Petplan’s most-insured breeds to our eminently shareable videos on caring for your cat at Christmas – ensure that customers are consistently provided with a wealth of pet knowledge. Petplan’s brand values are at the heart of our content marketing strategy: every story we tell is ‘warm-hearted’ and ‘illuminating’, with segmentation by pet species and lifestage ensuring maximum relevance for all customers. And since our content offers unrivalled access to pet owners (PetPeople has the highest ABC of any membership pet title in the UK), we’re able to offer a range of targeted print and digital advertising solutions.

Over a third of PetPeople magazine is segmented by cat- and dog-specific content, ensuring maximum relevance for the owners of both species and increasing commercial opportunity for advertisers.

79% of PetPeople readers say that receiving the magazine makes them feel valued as a Petplan customer and 73% would recommend Petplan to someone else as a result of reading it



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