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A print, email and online content marketing programme for P&O Cruises

Brief   To revamp the magazine for members of The Peninsular Club in line with the brand’s new positioning, while developing a more frequent multichannel communication strategy

Solution   There was quite a buzz when P&O Cruises came a calling to revamp their communications. To reach a wider audience more frequently, and enhance bonds with loyal passengers, we’ve established a programme of print, email and online touchpoints throughout the year. The anchor is a luxurious magazine, produced biannually. Beautiful in-depth reads showcase destinations and P&O Cruises people. A shared sense of community is built with a range of passenger and crew stories and a valuable rewards section. Throughout, readers are invited to engage with the content and contribute to future issues through social channels. Meanwhile, email newsletters are sent each month driving awareness and traffic to the P&O Cruises website. The website is further enriched with additional editorial content, including video stories that add an extra dimension.

Video stories, such as this supporting the launch of Arabian Gulf fly-cruises, help bring P&O Cruises destinations to life

Email newsletter for P&O Cruises

Email newsletters are sent each month, tailored to potential cruisers and past passengers

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