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Clever editorial opens doors in lockdown for Christie’s International Real Estate


By Meike Abrahams

Clever editorial opens doors in lockdown

The ‘Stay at home’ mantra of recent months offered us the chance to deliver even more relevant and authentic content for Christie’s International Real Estate. After all, it’s a brand that knows homes.

With this knowledge at the core of our content strategy, we created highly topical features for Luxury Defined, Christie’s International Real Estate’s online lifestyle platform. Articles such as How to Create the Perfect Home Office and Virtual Property Tours: Real Estate’s New Reality resonated. During lockdown, the site experienced a 45% increase in users and a 9% increase in session duration*, with more than 60% of visitors landing on the site via organic search.

Our analytics also offer insight into how the brand’s followers have responded via its social media channels. While topical articles perform well across all channels, on average, visitors to the site from Facebook have lower bounce rates and longer session durations for visually-led features, such as Four Virtual Tours of Architectural Marvels. Visitors from LinkedIn generally favour longer reads, such as Three Architects on How Covid-19 is Reshaping Their Designs, and routinely spend more than double the average session duration on the site.

And, as lockdowns have eased, interesting property trends have emerged among Luxury Defined’s visitors. Searches for secluded properties on the coast, islands or in rural areas have increased, and we’ve responded with content that speaks directly to this surge in interest. For features such as Is Now the Time to Invest in Remote Real Estate? and Six Reasons to Relocate to Florida’s Santa Rosa Beach, traffic is not only increasing by 50% from organic searches, but engagement rates are also correspondingly high.

So, is now the time to invest in that private island haven? Perhaps, but you’ll have to move quickly – 39% of Luxury Defined’s audience is investigating the same thing.

*As Christie’s International Real Estate is based in New York, the time period for these figures reflects New York City’s full lockdown from 16 March to 8 June.