Five steps to better video

Knowing that video can be a brilliant content tool is an easy lesson to learn. Actually creating a brilliant video is much harder. But it’s brilliantly impactful when it works

Richard RobinsonGroup Editor

Our new City Sound video produced for Transport for London & The Noise Abatement Society gives some essential strategies to consider when creating video content. Here are five:

1. Start at the end

What do you want the video to achieve? As with all content, you need to be really clear about what the video is for. Look at the end goal and work back from there. Do you want to drive people to an event, get them to book a test drive, or inspire them to find out more about your brand? City Sound needed to show how we can improve the quality of life in our cities by reducing noise. The whole narrative is fixed on that social purpose.

2. Take one step at a time

Whether your target audience is in fashion, finance or farming, they are all people. And people love to be entertained. To captivate them with a video that does just that, planning is paramount. We honed the storyboard and sharpened the script for City Sounds, collaborated with the illustrator to design the characters, and then worked through numerous edits. To refine and refine is an iterative process. But one that works.

3. Focus on formats

How will your video be watched? Context is everything. The core audience for City Sound will be viewing on desktops, but a wider audience will watch on mobile, so the video needed to work on both. We edited short teasers for use on social-media platforms.

4. Make yourself heard

Sound can connect viewers to what they’re seeing, and boost emotion in narrative. It’s important – especially in a video focused on noise. We worked hard to give City Sounds the right soundtrack and sound effects. But as the majority of social-media videos are viewed without sound, we needed to visually show how city noise is created, so the moving sound line helps get the message across even when the viewer’s phone is on silent.

5. Tell a story

By focusing on narrative, even the most serious subjects can be engaging. For City Sound we worked hard to develop the storyline so it weaves across two days, has changes of pace and little surprises, as well as showing the benefits from noise reduction. Using fun animation and creating a storyline that connects with the audience in an emotional way, holds attention and gives City Sound a positive, colourful expression of city life.

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