How to create a buzz through social media

A teaser campaign that taps into people’s natural curiosity is an effective way of generating interest before a big reveal

Silvia MendesSocial Media Manager

Today’s consumers are like demanding toddlers, and brands are their exasperated parents. But rather than yelling ‘feed me/more juice/look at the kitty’, those consumers are hollering ‘engage me/entertain me… look at the kitty’.

Audiences expect brands (and their content) to go the extra mile. So, when it comes to launching a new product or announcing an event, one way to maximise conversation and your reach through social engagement is to ramp up things with a teaser campaign.

Here’s your guide to mastering the art of the tease.­

Final countdown

Create anticipation and a ‘something’s coming’ vibe with a visual countdown to the big day. We all love a 3-2-1, lift-off moment, and this simple mechanic creates suspense and appetite for your content, as well as letting the audience know when to expect your launch.

Curiosity might well have killed the cat, but, used to your advantage, it can certainly help your campaign succeed. And, delivered at the right time to an audience that are advocates of your brand, it can help build anticipation before your big reveal.

Counting down to Gala 2020 name announcement – created for Facebook and Twitter

Challenge accepted

Who can resist a treasure hunt? Sending your audience on a quest using clues set in a series of successive posts is a great way to get them excited and interacting with your campaign.

Make it even more worth their while with the promise of a reward. Link each post using a unique hashtag that ties in with your campaign, and your engaged audience will spread the word beyond your advocates. More than 75% of consumers trust user-generated content (Olapic, 2017) so, by tapping into these conversations, they will be hooked.

P&O Cruises Ventura’s 10th birthday content: a UGC request while teasing the event

It’s all in the delivery

Visual teasers demand visual platforms, so utilise Instagram Story as well as on-feed Instagram. Don’t reveal too much too soon. Drip-feed information to keep your audience guessing and their interest piqued. It plays into that classic human trait we all share – nosiness. You want to draw people in and make them believe that what you’re working on is worth the wait – as well as worth coming back for more during the lead-up.

Once launch day looms, think about how and when you land your reveal. Your audience has been waiting for this – so sit back and watch as they become ambassadors championing your campaign.

A series of teaser videos, posted on Instagram Story, ramped up interest for a Hammerson fashion and beauty event

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