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Modus on fire


By Mark Williams

Modus on fire

Last year was the year of the wildfire, with record-breaking numbers reported around the world – notably in Australia, Brazil, California and Canada. The crisis looks set to continue this year, with California predicting that its 2021 wildfire season will be even worse than the 2020, which was its biggest since records began.

Over the course of three articles, Modus looks at examples of destructive wildfires around the world, takes a deep dive into the data of wildfires and speaks to experts about technology that could lessen their damaging effects in future. This includes NASA satellites being used to map the spread of fires and to drones that can reseed hard-to-access areas.

Article one. The issue

Wildfires: their devastating impact across the world

From Australia to the Arctic Circle, no region has been spared the cataclysmic consequences of forest fires in recent years. We highlight six of regions of the world that have dealt with particularly disastrous wildfires.

Article two. The data

Out of the Ashes

Through a series of detailed, data-rich charts and infographics, Modus looks at the data behind the wildfires and the effect fires are having on flora and fauna.

Article three. The analysis

Firefighting – saving the world’s forests

Modus asks the experts whether new technology help with the task of reforestation in the areas that have been ravaged.

By splitting the issue of wildfires into three separate, distinct features, Modus covered more ground on the topic and explored a range of angles.

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