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Fitness & Wellbeing

Brief  To position John Lewis as the destination for health, fitness and wellbeing products in a crowded and competitive fitness retail landscape

Cover from John Lewis Wellbeing Spring 17

Solution Timed to attract customers looking for a healthy start to the New Year, our 2017 Wellbeing content promotes a holistic approach to health. Uplifting photography and positive editorial inspires readers with new ideas to try. Alongside the print catalogue, we also produced a video on fitness trackers, as well as content tailored for the online wellbeing hub.Yoga illustrations from John Lewis Wellbeing magazine Spring 2016 Spread from John Lewis Wellbeing spring 17

Spreads from John Lewis Wellbeing Spring 17

Weboages from the John Lewis fitness hub

Many of the assets are used on the wellbeing hub at



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