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Brief   To create a catalogue that offers more than just a directory of House by John Lewis products, with flexible content that works across multiple channels

The cover of the House by John Lewis magazine, created by Sunday as part of a broader content marketing campaign

Solution   Covering everything from furniture to cookware, the House by John Lewis range is targeted mainly at time-short customers who are probably living in smaller, perhaps rented, houses or apartments. With this in mind, we designed a content marketing campaign that tackles some of the challenges they might face, such as finding room for a home office or entertaining guests without a dining table. We called these ‘Ideas for modern living’, and presented them via a pacey mix of lifestyle photography, lists and tips in a warm, conversational tone. Of course, every page is bursting with products, but this concept-driven, editorially led approach also shows customers how to create rooms that are functional, stylish and brimming with personality. Two of the solutions were ripe for development into snappy videos for, using stop-motion animation with playful music and text captions. And because the commissioned imagery is also used for point of sale displays, the landing pages and social media, the assets work together to inspire customers in store, at home and online.

Detail from a feature on maximising space, in the House by John Lewis magazine

A series of short films were produced alongside the stills photography for use on

A selection of spreads from the House by John Lewis magazine, created by Sunday

House by John Lewis magazine, featured in Creative Review

This image was recognised in the the Content Marketing Awards and featured in Creative Review’s Photography Annual

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