Strutt & Parker



Brief   To create a multichannel content marketing strategy that makes Strutt & Parker stand out in London’s fiercely contested property market and, ultimately, inspire new instructions

Solution   To reach out to Strutt & Parker’s potential clients and landlords, we adopted a three-pronged multichannel strategy: a beautifully crafted bi-annual print magazine produced at key selling periods (spring and autumn), a zesty magazine website and an email campaign tailored to each of Strutt & Parker’s six London offices. The magazine epitomises the brand: a physical manifestation of Strutt & Parker’s intelligence, local knowledge and attention to detail. This rich source of unique content is repositioned via the other channels to further enhance the brand experience online, while also offering a greater return on investment on unique editorial and photographic assets. The bright, bite-sized website has its own life and character, yet it’s linked to the client’s main property site. Emails are tailored to each office and sent out on the first Friday of every month, with lively teasers showing cherry-picked property and a selection of features for a Friday diversion. This greater breadth and depth of contact has highlighted Strutt & Parker’s core values and skills across a range of media, making it the agency of choice for potential clients: ‘We have seen a 22% rise in the number of potential sellers asking us to value their property over last year,’ says Andrew Scott, Head of London Residential. ‘Once that filters through, it translates to a 40% increase in the number of properties we have sold.’




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