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Land Business content programme

Brief To reinforce Strutt & Parker’s position as market leaders in the fields of farming, estate and land management

Solution What will be the impact of Brexit on the rural economy? How do you modernise a traditional estate? Why are wine, wheat and woodland providing big returns for farmers and landowners? These questions are answered in Land Business, a biannual magazine that provides commentary on the matters affecting British landowners, demonstrating Strutt & Parker’s expertise in farm, estate and land management. In-depth features are complemented by updates and opinion showcasing Strutt & Parker’s insight into the land, commodities and property markets and the latest legislative, tax and planning developments. The result is content that is authoritative, intelligent and trusted, and helps its 15,000 readers to make the most of their land assets. While print remains the primary channel for reaching Strutt & Parker’s rural, traditional audience, Land Business stories and video content also appear online and are promoted to almost 11,000 recipients via a fortnightly email. This sits alongside online-only content on rural issues to form a knowledge resource
that confirms Strutt & Parker’s position as thought leaders in their field.


Online videos bring to life the stories behind Strutt & Parker’s partnerships and projects with rural clients






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