This Way

Brief   To bring to life a playful spirit of innovation for customers and prospects using multichannel content, helping Toyota create a brand car drivers aspire to own

Solution Whether we’re busting myths about hybrid cars, imagining the world in 2050 or shining a spotlight on a groundbreaking new model, This Way is full of brand stories celebrating the ‘Always a Better Way’ spirit of creativity and curiosity at the heart of Toyota. Now a multichannel solution, Sunday-created content plays an increasingly strong role at the forefront of, including regular web stories and videos and providing assets for use across the brand’s many social streams. Plus, we create a colourful and distinctive print magazine, along with dealership POS, brochures, DM projects and video assets. And the team at Toyota is impressed with the results: ‘We love the surprising stories Sunday creates for This Way. As a multichannel programme that’s always evolving and improving, This Way is more effective than ever at reaching our customers and prospects.’

Toyota's This Way customer website, created by SundaySince the This Way website relaunch, online brochure requests from magazine pages have increased by 515

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