A screen from the 4G iPad app, created as part of Sunday's multichannel content marketing programme for Vodafone



Retail and consumer content

Brief   To sell the products and build the brand. Simple.

Vodafone front cover

Solution   Today, with a blizzard of smartphones and price plans available, making an informed choice can be downright daunting. That’s where our integrated, multichannel content marketing programme for Vodafone comes in. From a monthly retail magazine and interactive apps to digital installations, we give customers the consistent, friendly advice and information they need to make a confident purchase decision, and, in doing so, we help Vodafone meet its commercial objectives. We’re not just in-store experts, though: we also cast Vodafone as a brand of strength of substance, and a mobile thought-leader – whether through a widely acclaimed Digital Parenting Guide, or insight-led visual identity direction. But what does Vodafone think of our work? Well, for the past three years, we’ve outperformed other agencies across all key metrics.

A Range of Vodafone covers

A spread from the Vodafone magazine

Two screens from Vodafone's 4G app, used on iPads instore to explain the benefits of 4G connectivity to customers

Illustrations from the Vodafone magazine

A spread from the Vodafone magazine

Our Digital Parenting Guide champions internet safety for kids, and is packed with practical tips from e-safety experts, parenting gurus and mummy bloggers

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