Washing machine image from the John Lewis smart home

Multi-channel Smart Home content for John Lewis

We recently created a range of omni-channel content to help make John Lewis the go-to retailer for smart technology. From fridges that track your groceries levels, to thermostats that react to the weather, John Lewis stocks an incredible array of smart products.

A runner in John Lewis Fitness, spring 2016

New year, new approach to fitness content

After taking a representative poll of the nation (well, the Sunday office), apart from a few wildcard entries, most people have resolved to do exactly what you’d expect this year – get fit. Moving away from get fit-quick fads, we now have a more holistic attitude to our health. We still want to be physicallymore

Toyota Aygo shoot from This Way magazine issue 9

Let the sunshine in

A brief that includes the words fun and excitement is always great to receive. Toyota recently sent us just that, asking us to create content that would showcase the new Toyota AYGO x-wave, which has a retractable fabric roof. We took the AYGO out of an urban setting to show how the roof transforms amore

Logo of Sunday, content marketing agency

Deputy Editor Required

We’re looking for a super-talented deputy editor to work across our suite of publications for John Lewis. Ideally with a background in subbing, you’ll combine forensic attention to detail with snappy copywriting skills and a flair for generating content ideas.

Winner - The International Content Marketing Awards 2015

Sunday nets five at Content Marketing Awards

At last night’s International Content Marketing Awards – the most competitive content marketing awards in the world – the talented Sunday team picked up five awards for its clients.

A boy using a smartphone, from Vodafone's Digital Parenting Guide by Sunday

230,000 Digital Parenting guides ordered in week 1

We recently teamed up with Vodafone and The Parent Zone to produce another cracking issue of the hugely popular Digital Parenting guide. 230,000 copies of the guide were ordered within one week of publication.