Young and hungry, we started out in 2005. There were four of us then and we specialised in customer magazines. Now there are lots of us and we’re a content marketing agency working for world-class clients across print and digital channels – from magazines to brand videos; content strategy to measurement. We’re Marketing magazine’s Content Marketing Agency of the Year 2012/13. We love what we do.

Our team

Matt Beaven, editorial and creative director at Sunday

Matt Beaven Editorial & Creative Director

I’m a design-obsessive former editor and founding partner of Sunday. In past lives, I’ve edited customer magazines for Toyota, Orange, RAC and ITV Digital. Now, I run a team of brilliantly talented editors and designers, oversee new launches, art direct the odd photo shoot and aim to ensure that all our multichannel content marketing is creatively outstanding.

Most proud of: My keepy uppy record is 513.

Favourite cake: Apple crumble – my mum’s second-finest creation


Chris Lee, Finance director at Sunday

Chris Lee Finance Director

I’ll always be grateful to Matt, Toby and Steph for rescuing me from normal employment. As COO of an Interpublic business, my will to live was being drained away until they rode in on their Sunday chargers. I am trained to cope with monotony, so my role is to do the things that those with more active brains find too dull.

Perfect Sunday: Sun, walk to pub, lovely children (must find some), beer.

Favourite cake: Oat and raisin cookie


Andrew Bell Sales Manager

I’m a self-obsessed, gadget-head, sci-fi geek and lover of anything with four wheels and a rather large engine. I’m also a whizz in the kitchen. True story.

As with quite a few sales people, I imagine, I spent my early years as an aspiring photographer. While I still love being behind the lens, I find the buzz of sales irresistible and – many, many years later – here I am, still loving what I do.

True or false? I once built an Ikea cabinet inside out. I think I’ll stick to making cakes not cabinets.

Favourite Cake: I have too many to focus on just one, but honey chocolate cake is up there

Andy Plowman, production editor at Sunday

Andy Plowman Deputy Editor

After realising I enjoyed coining terrible puns, obsessing over typefaces and pointing out other people’s mistakes more than I did reviewing gigs, I left God’s own county to seek fame and fortune as a subeditor in that there London. Until that happens, I do my best to sprinkle a bit of magic over Modus, the magazine for RICS.

True or false: I once clean-bowled England’s Joe Root for a duck.

Favourite cake: Carrot cake – but I liked it before Michael did

Anna Ronay, editor at Sunday

Anna Ronay Editor

From politics, public services and marketing to sci-fi and shopping, I’ve worked on a diverse range of titles. I currently edit Ethos, for which we won Best Public Sector/Government Title at the 2011 APA and 2012 CMA awards. Before this, I was editor of The Marketer for CIM for five years. I’ve been shortlisted for BSME Editor of the Year three times.

Little known fact: I can do a one-handed cartwheel.

Favourite cake: Tea cake

Becci Hodgson Head of Content/UK Editor (Hammerson)

Love fashion, love creating awesome content ideas, love Cake Wednesdays (yes, it’s a thing). And if my outfit choices don’t make my work buddies either exclaim ‘what the hell are you wearing’, or at least raise an eyebrow, then I know I’ve failed in my getting-dressed mission.

Little known fact: I can recite Room on the Broom in its entirety.

Favourite cake: Anything, as long as it’s not baked by me (zero skills in that department)

Chloe Campbell Deputy Art Director

After a stint organising kids’ parties, I’ll be delighted if I never hear a Now That’s What I Call Music CD ever again. I recently graduated in graphic design and couldn’t be happier to begin my professional journey at Sunday. Since creating crayon- and felt-tip-laden birthday cards as a child, I’ve always had a passion for design. Now, I’ll be assisting the team here on a range of exciting content marketing projects.

True or false? I appeared in childhood magazines Mizz and Sabrina’s Secrets.

Favourite cake: Daim cake

Christie Ferdinando Art Director

I’d been freelancing for 10 years when Matt asked me to go full-time at Sunday. I knew it was a well-balanced company producing excellent, multichannel work, so I said yes. My role is to create beautifully crafted content marketing projects that surpass our clients’ expectations.

Little known fact: I was home schooled until I was 11.

Favourite cake: Dorset apple cake


Isabella Fernandes, senior designer at Sunday

Isabella Fernandes Art Director

I joined Sunday as a studio assistant a year after graduating from UAL. Four and a half years later, there have been a few more studio assistants and I’m now a deputy art director, working on some of the same content marketing projects and some shiny new ones that we’ve picked up along the way.

Perfect Sunday: One followed by a bank holiday Monday.

Favourite cake: Heston Blumenthal’s exploding chocolate gateau

James Cannon Senior Account Manager

I started my career in media sales and now sell advertising commercials for RICS. I have a genuine interest in understanding clients’ objectives and identifying their marketing challenges. I then try to help them get to where they need to be. In my spare time, I enjoy living on the south-coast of Sussex and being a great Dad for my little boy.

Little known fact: In 2009, I built a sea-going raft with some friends from 100% reused materials (oil drums, scaffolding, chip-fat powered engine), and crossed the channel from Newhaven to Dieppe.

Favourite cake: Banana cake

James Doorne, deputy editor at Sunday

James Doorne Production Editor

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to work with words. To me, working with words was better than being president of the United States. The dream came (sort of) true and I worked for various magazines (some best forgotten) before going freelance. After a short stint at Sunday, I fell in love with the place and the people and decided to stay. They tolerate me still.

Little known fact: George Best once offered me his autograph. I declined.

Favourite cake: Fat Rascal

Jess Campe, senior designer at Sunday

Jess Campe Art Director

I have always been creative, so when I graduated from Norwich University of the Arts I was full of ambition and eager to get my foot straight in the door in the big design world. After a brief internship, I became part of the content marketing team here at Sunday. A few years on, and I’m now Art Director on the Morrisons account, and couldn’t be happier!

Little known fact: I have never had chicken pox… and would like it to stay that way.

Favourite cake: Spiced apple and maple syrup cake

Jessie Lear, editor at Sunday

Jessie Lear Editor

I started out in radio, creating arty snippets for BBC Radio Bristol. I quickly realised that I don’t have a face for radio and changed career. After working with Delicious magazine, Waitrose Food Illustrated and Glamour, I applied for a job with Sunday, and am now slowly edging Toby from his management throne.

True or false? I have conjoined toes on both feet and swim exceptionally well.

Favourite cake: Angel cake – perfect in every way

Jo Brennan Account Manager

After studying art history and Spanish at Uni, I knew I wanted to do something creative, or at least work in a creative environment… and content marketing seemed to be the perfect fit. From digital campaigns to cookery books, I love the varied process of content creation, and ultimately bringing an idea to life. Of course, my role would not be complete without a spreadsheet. I love a spreadsheet.

Perfect Sunday: A sofa, a pot of tea, Formula 1… and some biscuits.

Favourite cake: Guinness cake

Katie Wilkinson Designer

When I graduated from University in Scotland, the dream was to one day work in London. Six months later and here I am! I joined Sunday as a Junior Designer and I’m loving it so far. My childhood ambition was to become either an artist or a writer, and I’ve been lucky enough to stay pretty much on track. I now spend my time designing and creating stories across a range of content projects at Sunday.

Perfect Sunday: One spent out and about, exploring somewhere new.

Favourite cake: My Nana’s homemade German apple cake – it uses a secret family recipe and is the best thing ever

Kristin Braginetz Deputy Editor

I’ve been told (possibly untruthfully) that I could read before I could walk, and while that might be more a statement on my enduring aversion to athletics, it also explains my chosen profession. As a writer and editor, I’ve covered everything from travel to luxury real estate, fashion to food. I was born in Canada and spent the first 20-something years of my life there before moving to New Zealand, then to London. Despite these cultural shifts I still haven’t managed to drop ‘eh’ or ‘aboot’ from my vocabulary.

True or false? I had the same high-school drama teacher as Ryan Gosling.

Favourite cake: Rainbow chip

Laura Burry, senior sales executive at Sunday

Laura Burry Senior Sales Executive

I started my media sales career in 2012 working on the RICS online directory, Find A Surveyor. I really enjoy consulting with all types of professional, from small independent business owners to marketing directors at nationwide surveying firms, and advising them on the most beneficial advertising campaigns. Before media sales, I worked in fashion retail – so my wardrobe is fully kitted out with all the accessories a girl could wish for!

True or false? I was a finalist on Britain’s Next Top Model.

Favourite cake: Fridge cake

Lauren Webb, art director at Sunday

Lauren Webb Art Director

When I was a kid, I thought I’d be an archaeologist. But I struggled with the idea of being outside all the time – and spelling archaeology. So I became a graphic designer, which I absolutely love. Sunday has given me the opportunity to flex my creative mind on a brilliant variety of multichannel content marketing projects for Petplan, Toyota and The Prince’s Trust.

Little-known fact: I’m a semi-trained balloon modeller.

Favourite cake: Battenburg

Lucy Ryan, editor at Sunday

Lucy Ryan Editor

Having bluffed my way into journalism in Hong Kong many moons ago, I found my niche exploring great places and meeting interesting people as a features writer and editor. Twenty years on (via several London agencies and a freelance career), I never tire of the challenge: pulling together great ideas and working with the best people to create multi-faceted content for print, online and beyond. There’s never a dull day at Sunday working on an exciting range of accounts. Nothing beats the thrill of seeing all those words and pictures come alive after so much hard work.

Most proud of: Winning Launch of the Year for Boden’s A Thousand Little Things.

Favourite cake: Don’t ask me about cake. There’s far too much of it in this office. But if I had to choose my favourite… lemon drizzle.

Marc Grainger, deputy editor at Sunday

Marc Grainger Editor

I arrived here having been Pedant-in-Chief of Geographical and Dive magazines. Before that, my work covered the dynamic industries of accounting, frozen food and (I kid you not) fish and chips. I take pride in spotting the tiniest typo or most innocuous inaccuracy. Of corse, my spelin iss perfekt.

Little known fact: I moonlight as a DJ and have played with some of the biggest names in dance music.

Favourite cake: Chocolate fudge cake

Mark Wheeler Art Director

My passion for design started at the tender age of six when I won first prize in a Boys’ Brigade ‘Design a Christmas Poster’ competition. Spurred on by this early triumph, I went on to study fine art and graphic design at university. I’ve now been in the industry for 20 years with clients including Toyota, Manchester United, America’s Cup and Warner Bros. I landed at Sunday three years ago and have worked on a number of projects (and a few Christmas campaigns) for Vodafone, Lloyd’s of London, Morrisons and The Royal Marsden.

Perfect Sunday: A bracing morning walk in Bushy Park with the family, then Sunday lunch with a glass or two.

Favourite cake: Lemon drizzle

Meike Abrahams Editor

I once joked that my dream job would involve being paid to read. Happily the universe took me seriously, and for over eight years I’ve been lucky enough to read (in order to edit and write) content for Glamour magazine, and brands like Vodafone and Audi. It seems the universe is on my side once again, because at Sunday I’ve found the dream combination: words and cake.

Little known fact: I see numbers in colours. I’ve been told it’s called synaesthesia, but all it’s really handy for is memorising phone numbers.

Favourite cake: My sister’s speciality Lindt chocolate cupcakes. Beautiful, chocolatey moreishness

Mia Holt Senior Digital Content Producer

According to my mother, I was eight years old when I decided I was going to be a writer. Fast forward 18 years, numerous internships, two university degrees and a year-long stint working for my local newspaper, and I’ve swapped the Welsh Valleys for the cobbles of London. After a few years creating content for the likes of Tesco and Jamie Oliver, and a brief summer where I ran away to New York, I’ve now firmly rooted myself within the Hammerson team at Sunday. Now, where’s the cake?

True or false? As a child, I starred in a Welsh soap opera called Pobol Y Cwm.

Favourite cake: I grew up in a bakery, so either my dad’s butterfly cakes or my mam’s Welsh cakes (don’t make me choose!)

Michael Wood, production manager at Sunday

Michael Wood Production Director

I’m here to ensure every print job is delivered on time, on budget and to the highest possible standard. I spend most days with my head in Excel spreadsheets, checking printer proofs and scrutinising freshly printed pieces. And when such a piece arrives, the first thing I do is smell it. Ah, the great smell of print.

Little known fact: I always have box-fresh trainers on standby in case of emergencies.

Favourite cake: Carrot

Oliver Parsons, editor at Sunday

Oliver Parsons Editor

I’ve been working in magazines for 15 years, and over the past few years have increasingly worked on coordinated multichannel content. I’m now immensely proud to be editor of Modus, our (near-) monthly magazine for RICS, which focuses on exciting developments and trends in the construction, property and land sectors.

True or false? I live in the old back garden of Victorian designer William Morris.

Favourite cake: Lardy cake


Richard Robinson, group editor at Sunday

Richard Robinson Group Editor

I’ve worked on a host of multi-channel content for a wide range of brands in the automotive, finance, real estate and luxury sectors. Creative, dynamic, expert… These are three words I use to describe the person I want to be when I grow up.

Perfect Sunday: I win my first Formula 1 race, driving for Ferrari. At Monaco or Spa. Either would be fine.

Favourite cake: Tarta de coco y dulce de leche.

Richard Spellman portrait

Richard Spellman Art Director

I wanted to be an art director for as long as I can remember, even before I knew what was involved. I now know, and enjoy every minute of it. Problem solving, concepting, designing, commissioning and overseeing photoshoots for brands including Club Wembley, English Heritage and Grant Thornton has led me to the John Lewis account. Along the way, I’ve picked up a CMA Awards including ‘Best membership title’ and ‘Best use of Illustration’.

Perfect Sunday: Any day with ‘sun’ in it works for me!

Favourite cake: Black Forest gateau

Sam Gilbert Senior Account Manager

I’ve been the stats and data geek in every sales team I’ve worked with, always accompanied by my trusty scientific calculator.

In my six years in recruitment advertising, I’ve covered more sectors than I care to remember and am still genuinely amazed at how each one brings its own challenges. I get more excited than most figuring out ways around them. If I’m not doing that then I’ll probably be running around the South-West London area wearing more Lycra than you’d find in Spiderman’s wardrobe.

Little known fact: I once worked in a travelling carnival.

Favourite Cake: Banoffee Cheesecake

Sam Walker, group art director at Sunday

Sam Walker Group Art Director

I’m living the dream: from magazine-obsessed design student to art director, and loving it. I’ve worked with some fantastic brands including Red Bull, Nike and Volvo, and helped develop a multi-award-winning content marketing approach from magazine to iPad for Audi. The desire to innovate is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Little known fact: I used to have shoulder-length blue dreadlocks.

Favourite cake: Jaffa cake

Siân Purdy Designer

I know that spending 20 minutes at the start of a meal analysing the menu for perfect alignment and excellent typesetting doesn’t make me the most exciting date – but, one way or another, it does seem to have got me here!

I feel like I’ve landed on my feet to be working in editorial and content marketing . I can be a problem solver and creative. I also get to play with words without the responsibility of ensuring they make sense (I’ll leave that to these lovely editors).

True or false? I am related to Jim Carrey.

Favourite cake: Marble cake (perfect for us indecisive types)

Silvia Mendes Social Media Manager

What do you do? Ah yes, that question. In short, I write for social media channels… Facebook, Instagram, you name it. In reality, I analyse hashtags, I speak fluent emoji and I live for the GIF. I entertain. Basically, I’m that person who gets your fingers and thumbs to hit the re-tweet button! You can thank me later.

Perfect Sunday: Brunch followed by a trip to Stamford Bridge.

Favourite cake: Pastéis de Nata


Thomas Serre portrait

Thomas Serre Content Assistant

When I was a kid (which was not so long ago) I wanted to be a primatologist and live in Africa. But growing up in Paris, I soon realised I wanted to create stories and take pictures. My passion grew even more when I started writing articles for my high-school and university magazines, whilst producing short audio documentaries for Radio France. Long story short, all these opportunities were a great preparation for my current role as Content Assistant on the Hammerson account, working across French and UK markets.

TRUE OR FALSE? I was once the cause of an emergency plane landing.

FAVOURITE CAKE: Crème brulée, my French grandma’s speciality


Toby Mathews, technical director at Sunday

Toby Mathews Technical Director

My eyes opened to the wonders of the internet at uni, where I built my first website. Since then, I’ve worked on content marketing projects ranging from the small to the gargantuan, for clients such as Coca-Cola and Fiat. A keen observer of the online world, I predicted the swift demise of Twitter. I regularly revise my estimates.

Little known fact: I won Best Actor in South East Surrey playing an Amish elder. When I was 12.

Favourite cake: Muffin – because it’s a whole cake you can eat on your own

Zoe Phillimore Editor

I started my publishing career working on a magazine about plastic injection moulding. From those heady heights, my love of words has led me to write children’s books, edit official magazines for various TV shows and work on a luxury property title. All of which, it seems, was perfect preparation for my current role as Deputy Editor across John Lewis content here at Sunday.

True or false: I was once stung more than 70 times by hornets.

Favourite cake: Chocolate Brownie