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Original thinking from London Business School

Original thinking from
London Business School

London Business School

London Business School was looking to raise the profile of its leadership programmes and executive courses among experienced senior level and c-suite professionals across the globe. All first-rate business schools offer an almost identical portfolio of leadership programmes, making it difficult for a potential prospect to make an informed decision about which course might be right for them.

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We developed a multi-channel campaign that demonstrated clearly and confidently what to expect from an LBS leadership programme by focusing on career outcomes as well as the quality of the learning experience. We filmed eight successful business leaders who were LBS alumni, who shared their own stories about the programme they had attended and how it helped to accelerate their career as well as build up their business network. We also shot portrait photography and created assets for organic and paid social, email and web.

Online thought leadership content by Sunday, for London Business School

The video and portrait photography were shot at the London Design Centre in North Greenwich, whose modern architecture and innovative space created a unique, non-corporate backdrop for the Original Thinkers campaign. By focusing on first person experiences and career outcomes, rather than on selling courses, the campaign – supported by a paid media plan – achieved brand awareness and cut-through for the LBS leadership offering in a more engaging, personal, and thoughtful way.


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