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To luxury and Beyond for Burgess

To luxury and Beyond
for Burgess

Luxury communications come at a price, often being viewed as stuffy, outdated and irrelevant. Burgess yachts wanted to break this mould and show current clients and ultra-high-net-worth prospects that it was making waves in the prestige yachting world.

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"The big deep", spread from Burgess' Beyond magazine
New Zealand feature in Burgess' Beyond magazine
Spread from Burgess' Beyond magazine

To do justice to its magnificent superyachts and the world of possibilities they open up, we created a new-look print directory for the brand, Beyond.

Behold 200 pages of sumptuous imagery and inspiring editorial that brings unique charter experiences to life. From diving with hammerheads in the Galapagos to Arctic submarine adventures, Burgess puts its unique character and spin on the world to reach a new generation of marine adventurers.

Sunday relaunched our annual yacht directory, creating Beyond. This luxury print title gives a fresh look at the lifestyle, culture, sports and natural beauty that can only be found when chartering a superyacht. Sunday’s bold design and editorial skill has given our new brand positioning firm foundations

Tim Davis, Chief Marketing Officer, Burgess

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