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This much I know: Ashley Stewart-Noble


By Richard Robinson

This much I know: Ashley Stewart-Noble

As soon as I saw this job I knew it was the right one, at the right time, with the right people. I knew it was the job for me.

The best thing about my work is the variety. And the creativity, because one goes with the other. I’m very lucky in that what I do can be tackled in so many ways. That creativity keeps the lifeblood pumping, it really does.

I worked for the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association where I did some continuity work for the Queen’s speech for the millennium. There wasn’t much interaction between us, but a lot of warmth. All she really said to me was “How was that?” Obviously, my answer was “Good Ma’am!” I learned professionalism that day. She had that to her fingertips. She’s a real example of knowing what you’ve got to do when you go into a room, and doing it well.

I love wine. There’s a real snobbism around it, but, if a bottle of wine tastes great to you, drink it. Having said that, my favourite is a Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Normally, I would go for the 96.

I went to Avignon to study modern languages. I think it’s a big ask for a group of young people to travel to the south of France to study when you’re surrounded by cheese, bread, wine and the most beautiful countryside and people you’ve ever seen.

Three words to describe Sunday: Creative; Studious. Honest. People work hard and there’s an integrity here that is rare.

Tate Britain is my favourite museum. There’s that beautiful room where all the pre-Raphaelites are. And you don’t have to pay.

You need to watch Harvey. There’s something about having a six-foot imaginary white rabbit that you can’t see as a lead. But it works. And the ending is very sweet because it makes you wonder if he does exist.

How come a dog can hear the opening of a crisp packet from 1,000 paces, but not their own name when told to get off the sofa?

A boulevardier is my favourite cocktail. Equal measures of red vermouth, Campari, and rye whisky. A slice of orange zest, and a big lump of ice. Give it a go.

I do the washing up with rubber gloves. Yellow. Why wouldn’t you?

One of my earliest memories: I’m in a blue nylon Austin Powers outfit, way before Austin Powers of course. It’s got frills. It’s got cuffs. I can remember it being really hot. It’s not the ’70s anymore – you can’t put kids in flammable stuff now.

In my family we’re all named after characters from Gone with the Wind. But I think my mother chose the wrong name – I’d change it to Rhett.