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Inspiring the C-suite through the power of storytelling


By Jessie Lear

Inspiring the C-suite through the power of storytelling

To achieve sustainable business growth, leaders have got to get their ducks in a row – just as we did when approaching this multichannel work for multiple stakeholders.

The Moments That Made Me campaign demanded solid research and extensive planning to identify the areas where CEOs would most benefit from peer-to-peer insight, and to collate and hone KPMG Enterprise’s own wealth of expertise.

The resulting online, print, video, email and social content maximises impact and reach across media to allow the target audience to discover the campaign in various ways.

The Growth Report – a print publication that dives deeply into how to stimulate business progress – is structured around the pillars of innovation, technology, people, global expansion, acquisition and investment. As a long-form print piece, the report offers comprehensive ‘brand-in-the-hand’ reference material, with an online PDF version allowing readers to dip in as preferred.

Throughout the campaign it was our ambition not only to curate the insight with rigour and accuracy, but to strike a chord with business leaders and lift our offering above the rather dry analysis already widely available.

We achieved this firstly by supporting each pillar with blogs, ghostwritten on behalf of KPMG Enterprise experts. Putting faces against the insight reinforces a sense of authenticity while highlighting the tailored nature of KPMG Enterprise’s services and the strength of its client relationships.

The power of storytelling is also crucial. KPMG Enterprise’s clients became the real heroes of the campaign, candidly sharing the fork-in-the-road moments that changed the course of their businesses and careers in a series of short videos.

Detailed preliminary interviews helped to create the narrative arc and tease out the emotional resonance of the CEOs’ stories, while also preparing the interviewees for the tightly managed filming process. The cinematic style of the footage marries creativity with strict brand guidelines, resulting in original, engaging content. Several leaders came forward to request participation, and the campaign ran well beyond its original intended scope, with further case studies, comment pieces and videos added over eight months.

To date, the campaign has received more than 3.3 million views impressions on social, and generated 14,000 website visits, with the target for qualified download leads exceeded by 40%.