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Modus goes digital


By Andy Plowman

Modus goes digital

Lockdown. Social distancing. Protective bubbles. All contenders for 2020’s word of the year. But the one that best sums up our experiences this year? Unprecedented.

It’s a word that also perfectly describes the journey that Modus has been on in 2020. The flagship thought-leadership magazine of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors began the year as an award-winning print publication, landing on the doormats of more than 80,000 RICS members around the world every month. By the end of July, it had moved entirely online.

As part of its digital transformation business strategy, RICS had already decided that all of its print publications would eventually become online only, bringing a more accessible and tailored digital experience to its members. But a plan originally envisioned as a gradual evolution from print to digital was dramatically accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, as RICS sought to streamline all of its operations.

We completely rethought our content strategy, working with the client to ensure that the transition from print to digital went as quickly and as smoothly as possible. From a standing start as the pandemic hit, the first phase of the new Modus website was launched at the end of July.

Modus is now home to a rich collection of fully searchable articles including an archive of previous editions as well as video, photo galleries and interactive data visualisations. Moving to digital has given Sunday’s editorial team the chance to be agile and responsive, with fresh and relevant content regularly uploaded. Modus also hosts a wide range of dynamic advertising inventory, from mobile banners to video pre-roll, leaderboards and sponsored content.

All the work is enhanced by our social media coverage and email newsletters, driving traffic to the website and engaging a wide, measurable audience of members and non-members alike.