How do you create a single scene that moves from African heat to arctic ice? Illustrator Edward Tuckwell talks inspiration and discusses his work and a globe-spanning challenge for De Beers’ Pursuit magazine, which is read by employees of the mining giant

Instagram’s IGTV feed brings long-form video content to its one billion users. It’s a huge market, but creative content remains key. We ask ‘Is Instagram becoming the television for the mobile generation?’ and provide some pointers to getting started with this new video platform.

Like a sea anemone and clownfish, brands need a value exchange with consumers. Both will then benefit from having the other around. Our MD, Toby Smeeton, finds some remarkable parallels between childhood biology discoveries and today’s content marketing world.

Who doesn’t love a 3-2-1, lift-off moment. A teaser campaign that taps into people’s natural curiosity is an effective way of generating interest before a big reveal. We look at a few examples from recent work for P&O Cruises and Hammerson using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Story.

When video works, it can me brilliantly impactful for brands. Our new City Sound video produced for Transport for London & The Noise Abatement Society gives some essential strategies to consider when creating video content. We’ve pulled out five.

Modus magazine celebrates the 150th anniversary of RICS with a relaunch that focuses on physical, tactile value; a slow read in an exhaustingly fast world. So, instead of following the decades-long trend of more-and-more, faster-and-faster, we’ve simplified things…