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Reaching Gen Z


By James Charles

Gen Z

As digital natives and information junkies, today’s students are both a highly prized and hard-to-reach audience. To engage them, we worked with accountancy body ICAEW to relaunch its student-focused print magazine as a digital-only offering in June this year, including a monthly email, social and an online content hub.

Student Insights is a vibrant, content-rich digital programme for ICAEW students around the world, showcasing practical and topical interviews, Q&As, quizzes and quick-read guides.

It’s packed with fascinating real-life stories from experienced accountants and those that are newly qualified, and perspectives on the future of the professional that address urgent global causes that students are passionate about, from climate change to gender equality.

We create engaging, social-first assets to capture students’ attention on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn using gamification, short-form video and Stories stickers to achieve fantastic engagement rates of up to 20% on social posts, driving deeper interaction and conversations between students and ICAEW.

The Student Insights email is promoted to 30,000 students globally each month, bringing together topical and relevant guides based on the time of year and study schedule, as well as international case studies and the latest updates on the courses that students are studying.

As the programme launched during coronavirus lockdown in many countries, the new digital programme gave ICAEW the opportunity to support students in a more targeted way, with a segmented approach to content based on a student’s qualification and learning stage. We also developed additional content focused on motivating students studying at home, with practical guides, tips and case studies to help them stay on track.

With the aim of inspiring the next generation of accountants, Student Insights provides support to students anywhere in the world and develops their emotional engagement with ICAEW, building a sense of loyalty and pride, and creating advocates for the institute.