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Rebel with a cause: Modus on climate change


By Ashley Stewart-Noble

Rebel with a cause: Modus on climate change

One of the joys of working on Modus, our digital content hub for the Royal Institution of Surveyors (RICS), is striking that delicate balance of owning a difficult conversation while giving our readers a fresh, unforeseen perspective. 

Since going fully digital, Modus has curated a selection of powerful voices speaking on race, taxation, and poverty and in November, to add to our rolling dialogue around COP26, we have added Georgia Elliot-Smith, a rebel with a cause, to the mix. 

Elliott-Smith is a controversial figure. As a chartered environmentalist and a member of Extinction Rebellion she works tirelessly on behalf of the public in both the courts and on the ground. While her actions may raise some eyebrows, her motivations are solid, grounded as they are in the betterment of our collective quality of life.  

One of Elliott-Smith’s missions is to ensure the high-level green ambitions discussed in boardrooms across the world are translated into meaningful and tangible solutions for us all.

In our latest feature, Modus profiles the woman at the forefront of the climate crisis and asks some difficult questions for government and population alike.