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Ocado does beauty

Festive content to drive loyalty and sales

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The challenge

The commercial team at Ocado saw a chance to capitalise on increased consumer spending on beauty during the festive period and tasked Sunday to identify opportunities to generate additional revenue streams by leveraging the excitement around the Christmas season.

This presented a challenge: how could we create a campaign that would revamp and revitalise Ocado’s beauty offering while driving meaningful sales and encouraging customer engagement?

Products from the Ocado Little Book of BBeauty
Cosmetic products from Ocado's Little Book of Beauty

Our solution

With a special emphasis on the annual Christmas party, our creation, the Little Book of Beauty, is a 16-page insert that editorially highlights and champions the best offerings from the Ocado beauty section.

Stunning studio photography and incisive editorial guided readers through their festive preparation rituals with ease. We curated product categories to reflect celebration styles: ‘Party people’ embraces a glamorous look, while ‘Nature’s elegance’ promotes organic simplicity for a perfect night out. In the unwind segment, customers find pampering essentials for a post-party relaxation ritual.

Cosmetics and brushes

The results

By choosing an insert format, we ensured the featured beauty products didn’t get lost in the body of the main OcadoLife magazine during the busy Christmas period.

The high-quality visuals and curated content in a discrete insert effectively elevated Ocado’s beauty offerings during a time when consumers are bombarded with seasonal promotions.

And the results are overwhelmingly positive: a sales uplift of 1,953% across all featured products demonstrates the power of curated editorial content on consumer choice during a traditionally busy seasonal period.

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