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Launching Lingo


Journey-based copywriting content for a new healthcare app

When US healthcare brand Abbott was working on the launch of a wearable biosensor aimed at consumers, it needed content. And it needed it fast.

The biosensor tracks the wearer’s glucose levels and streams that data in real time to a smartphone app. Called Lingo, the system interprets those glucose levels and provides guidance on how to optimise exercise and nutrition regimens, sleep patterns and overall health.

Content was needed to walk through the first eight weeks of the Lingo experience, and to encourage users to stay engaged. Helpful ‘nudges’ were also needed to help keep them aligned with their health goals.

A journey-based solution

We needed to create a series of in-app features that offer tailored, real-time coaching, across the many individual journeys users might take. First, we set a new tone of voice for Lingo content. We then worked with independent health, fitness and nutrition experts to create more than 100 unique articles. These were developed to align with various points on the many possible routes through the app that a wearer’s data could take them.

The first week’s content set shows how users can react to glucose in real time and how the first few days of data combines to create a Lingo profile.

After this, the second stage of content becomes more personalised. It guides users through their glucose spikes and lows with information on how to help prevent them. Daily prompts teach users fundamentals to gradually reduce their glucose exposure.

The final set challenges users to to build healthy habits and fine-tune their glucose management by offering recipes, along with fitness and wellbeing tips.

Companion imagery was selected for each feature to bring the copy to life.

It’s a hefty package of content that’s an invaluable resource for Lingo users that helps to change their lives.

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