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This much I know: Lucy Rainer


Our group account director Lucy on cheesy jokes, hula-hooping and her love for Sandra Bullock.

I’d be a professional cheese taster if I weren’t an account director. And I’d add Cheeseday to the week. Cheese on toast with mature cheddar and a thin spread of Marmite is perfection.

Some might say I’ve got ‘content marketing’ running through me like a stick of rock. I’ve spent my whole career doing it, but Sunday is where I laid my hat seven years ago, or 359 Sundays ago.

My job is to keep everyone happy. It’s a juggling act that requires a combination of diplomacy, patience, tenacity and very thick skin! Outside work I pretend that I like to relinquish control, but who am I kidding? This is just who I am.

I can hula-hoop. I’ve won a competition for it in a karaoke bar.

It would be disingenuous of me to suggest that the travel isn’t what I love most about my job. I just got back from the Caribbean. I’ve stopped telling everyone that it was hard work – I wasn’t getting much sympathy.

I can’t live without tea and cheesy ’80s music – Bonnie Tyler has my heart. I also love a bath. Not necessarily all at the same time.

Why do people use the word ‘literally’ incorrectly so often? That said, I’m guilty of using ‘cool’ far too often. Which is ironic, because one of my favourite activities – having a night in in my pyjamas and slippers – is anything but.

Sunday is a friendly place with talented people doing inspiring work. So many of us have been here a long time and the culture is special. Sunday isn’t just a nice place to work but an amazing agency, too.

Who killed Marilyn Monroe? I read a book recently about the conspiracy that she was killed by the Kennedy family. I’m not very gullible and I’m generally quite suspicious, but I do love a good conspiracy theory.

The brand partnerships I’ve worked on with P&O Cruises are among the projects I’m most proud of. Bringing these relationships – from Gary Barlow to Spanish chef José Pizarro – to life in the shape of inspiring stories has been a real privilege. Making a cup of tea for Marco Pierre White was nerve-wracking, though.

What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you? Nacho cheese. I’m terrible at telling jokes, but even I can remember that one.

I’ll never get bored of Miss Congeniality. It makes me feel good, and who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock? Having said that, I would choose Jennifer Aniston to play me when they make my biopic.

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