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This much I know: Rob Hearn


Our lead creative Rob on delivering his best work under pressure, the merits of mayo, and why having different coloured bank cards makes a lot of sense.

I’m often mistaken for an introvert. Yet I really like being around people. Ideally at the pub.

I’m surrounded by serious foodies at Sunday, but my best hangover cure is pasta with BBQ sauce and mayonnaise. In general, there is nothing that can’t be improved by a dollop of mayo.

As lead creative at Sunday I get involved in all sorts of different projects. I’m happy to be known as the one who gets things done. I say yes to everything outside of work, too, so at least I’m consistent.

I love a tight deadline and produce my best work under pressure. I probably shouldn’t admit to that, though, should I?

I have an impressive capacity for retaining useless information. I can remember what my flatmate had for dinner on a random Saturday in June two years ago, but I can’t remember my parents’ birthdays.

What are dogs actually thinking about? Is it all rabbits, squirrels, sticks and biscuits, or is there more going on in there?

I’m so proud of the recent work we did for London Business School. It was a challenging project with lots of variables, but also a creative one. Hearing that the client was very happy with the content and seeing the positive campaign data makes it all worthwhile.

I get a huge buzz when I have an idea and people like it, when they just get it. As someone whose job it is to be creative and original, it doesn’t get better than that.

When you meet someone for the first time who you’ve only ever spoken to on the phone, and they say you don’t look like they expected you to look… I’m pretty sure that’s never a compliment.

One of the things I appreciate about Sunday is that it’s very open – everyone is approachable and friendly. There’s a lot of flexibility within the team and the culture here is healthy.

I’m very disciplined about money. I have five different debit cards. It can get complicated on a night out, so I organise them by colour. But by the end of the month, any colour goes.

I wish I had a cure for hiccups.

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