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This much I know: Sam Gilbert


I can recall the supermarket product codes for most fruits and vegetables thanks to my time working on the checkout at the Co-op. Royal Gala is 4173 if you’re interested.

I’d love to be a race director for my own series of global running events. Having just completed a 110km race on the Isle of Wight, I’d say I have the necessary qualifications.

I cut my teeth as a salesperson in an Australian travelling show. I was consistently the top seller for one of the game stalls. I wish I still had the headset and microphone. Not that I need them. I’m very proud of my team of exceptional, talented salespeople. They’re experts at building relationships and finding creative solutions to keep us ahead of the competition.

I don’t buy it when someone says, “It obviously wasn’t meant to be.” That just sounds like excuses to me.

Why did the New York Bagel Company stop pre-slicing their bagels? It’s been eight years and I still don’t think I’ve perfected an even cut. Weekend mornings haven’t been the same since.

Running is like a religion to me. But I do enjoy a bag of pork scratchings and listening to Pink on Spotify.

I’m aware that my stock response to most things is, ‘no problem’. I remember Louis Theroux interviewing someone about the power of positivity, who suggested that ‘no challenge’ was a more suitable response. I’m not sure I’m ready to make that leap.

Some people would say it’s a good thing I’ve grown out of my Russell Brand look-a-like phase, but it was fun using it to my advantage as a cash-strapped traveller.

In my 20s I never imagined that I’d be going out to the garden in the mornings to check on grass seed and plants to see how much progress they’d made overnight.

I’m a problem-solver by nature, so seeing solutions being delivered is very rewarding to me. I’m an analytical salesperson, so any solution must be grounded in data, not just gut feel. The fast-talking, wheeler-dealer approach isn’t for me.

The flat structure at Sunday is actually flat. We’re independent and accountable only to ourselves, and you can feel that. I like our agency’s creativity and flexibility.

I’d encourage anyone to check out Tash Sultana, a one-person band from Australia who plays over 20 instruments. Watching the songs get created live was incredible. Start with MYSTIK (Live at Lonely Lands Studio) on YouTube.

I’ll make anything into a sandwich. The ‘bread’ can be anything that can structurally support the content. I’m convinced I invented those deli rolls with the cheese wrapped in ham or chorizo that you can buy in M&S. I should have patented the concept when I had the chance.

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