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Why you should be podcasting


Podcast listener figures are set to reach 20 million by 2024. Why are podcasts so effective at engaging your audience?

A recent report by market research and analytics firm YouGov confirms that podcasts present one of the biggest growth opportunities for UK media in 2023.

In the UK, 13 per cent of respondents said they would increase their use of podcasts this year. Statista agrees: it believes podcast listener figures are set to reach 20 million by 2024.

Globally, ‘non-linear’ media are driving growth in audio and visual, said YouGov, with streaming video or music, and listening to podcasts, expected to grow faster than linear media such as listening to the radio and watching TV. Research by Edison found that podcasts are gaining ground with all age groups, ethnicities and genders worldwide.

So, what makes the podcast so effective as a content channel? There’s wider reach and better accessibility, for a start. And in today’s time-poor society, where our attention is constantly on many different things at the same time, listening to a podcast allows your audience to multitask efficiently while travelling or carrying out other tasks.

Importantly, podcasts can humanise a brand in a way many other formats can’t. Just like all good content, done well, a podcast builds long-term relationships and a sense of community with its audience, allowing brands to solidify their position as trusted advisers on subjects that really matter to them and help them do their jobs better. Authenticity is key to this, by ensuring the style is relaxed and conversational, and not overly scripted. Naturally episodic, podcasts lend themselves to a ‘series’ format that builds a level of anticipation among listeners.

Our ‘Building the Future’ podcast for The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is designed to showcase the work of RICS members around the world, as well as engage prospective members and partners with the Modus content we create for the Institution.

The podcast highlights the human side of surveying, revealing the faces behind the concrete façade and the positive contributions they make to the world around us. It’s breaking down perceived barriers to the profession to inspire younger, untapped audiences to consider a career in surveying. To resonate with those younger audiences, we highlight the professionalism of the diverse surveying community through their work – it’s not just about who our contributors are, it’s also about what they have achieved.

We’re lucky to have an engaged Rolodex of potential contributors, from graduate surveyors to the president of RICS, each sharing their professional expertise and insights on the impact of surveying on our environment.

And in a short space of time, it’s paying dividends. ‘Building the Future’ is topping the RICS podcast chart. While engaging an international audience previously untapped through more conventional marketing channels, these podcasts are helping establish Modus as a thought leader and an authoritative voice in the built environment sector.

Building the future: designing indigenous architecture

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