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This much I know: Sian Purdy


Sean, Cyan, Stan – I’ve had it all with my name. You get used to it.

I love a big box of broken biscuits. To all the biscuit snobs out there: believe it or not, they taste the same.

During my time at Sunday I’ve witnessed the evolution of digital content first-hand. I’ve loved being part of that journey with our clients. Planning a social-first shoot would have been unthinkable not that long ago – now it’s a cornerstone of content creation.

I’m addicted to watching Friends – each episode and series in the right order, then repeat. I wonder how I’d feel about meeting Chandler, my favourite character, in real life. Could he be more disappointing?

I can play Ode to Joy on a trumpet. I can also perfectly recite the rap in the song ‘You’re Welcome’ from the movie Moana. Useful if anyone ever forms a hip-hop group with a brass section.

Salad cream and ketchup, a bastardised version of Marie Rose sauce, is known as ‘Purdy sauce’ in our house. It goes with everything. I should patent and market it for salad cream lovers – you know who you are.

I feel lucky and grateful to work with clients who respect us and the relationship we have – a true agency/client partnership is a powerful thing. We’re a collaborative bunch at Sunday and nobody is above getting their hands dirty.

I’m a charity shop junkie. Finding a beautiful vintage coaster can make my day.

I inherited my creative streak from my grandmother. She was a painter and taught me how to appreciate the beauty in things from a young age. I am lucky enough to have some of her oil paintings, which continue to inspire me.

One of my favourite moments at Sunday was stepping in as a model on a wedding shoot. I wore a wedding dress, held the bouquet, and even put on the ring. I thoroughly enjoyed giving my partner a shock when I showed him the behind-the-scenes photos. He proposed to me a week later… #justsayin’

We put on a restaurant backing track while we eat – glasses clinking, people chatting, muzak, the works. It elevates a standard dining experience at home into something sophisticated. Trust me on this one.

I’d love to have shared some tapas and a glass of proper sangria with Robin Williams – who wouldn’t want to dine with the real genie or Mrs Doubtfire? Imagine witnessing his improv first hand.

Butter melting on toast smells almost as good as it tastes. Almost.

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